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I'm using eclipse in Windows. However, other people in my group mostly write code in linux. This cause a conflict of EOL. How can I change the EOL from \r\n to \n?

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  1. To do this for all projects in your workspace, from the menu bar

    Window > Preferences > General > Workspace > New text file line delimiter

    Setting the EOL explicitly for the complete workspace

  2. To do it on a per-project basis, go to your project's Properties and select Resource from the sidebar to get the same option of New text file line delimiter

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right click on your project folder, choose "Properties", in the popup dialog, click on "Resource", you will see the section: "New text file line delimiter", tick "Other", then you can choose: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

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You have to select your project (click on it) then go to "File > Convert Line Delimiter To" and choose Windows / Unix / MacOS 9.

This works with Eclipse 3.6.


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