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I'm trying to programmatically select a substring of text inside of an input text box. I found an example here but there's only one problem. It doesn't work! I tried it on FF4, the latest build of Chrome and IE. I haven't tried Opera but if it's not working on those 3 it's not a good enough solution.

I also searched on setSelectionRange to see if it's deprecated but I couldn't find anything to lead me to believe that it was.

Here's my code that I'm trying to implement this in:

_defShowTimeUnitFn: function(e) {
    if(!this.isValidInput()) {
        var inputNode = this._inputNode,
            input     = inputNode.get(VALUE),

        newText = Y.Lang.trim(input) + ' ' + SHOW_TIMEUNIT_DEFAULT;
        inputNode.set(VALUE, newText);

        if (inputNode.setSelectionRange) {
            // Mozilla
            inputNode.setSelectionRange(0, 1);
        } else if (inputNode.createTextRange) {
            // IE
            var range = inputNode.createTextRange();
            range.moveEnd('character', 1);
            range.moveStart('character', 1);
        } else if (inputNode.selectionStart) {
            inputNode.selectionStart = 0;
            inputNode.selectionEnd = 1;


Does anybody know the commands to accomplish


in a modern browser?

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setSelectionRange() works on all major browsers except IE <= 8. Since get() and set() are not standard methods of DOM elements, I'm pretty sure inputNode is not a reference to an actual <input> element. I imagine it's a YUI wrapper object around an <input> element. You need to call setSelectionRange() on the input itself rather than the YUI wrapper object.

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Great call. It worked perfectly! I used inputNodeDOM = document.getElementById(inputNode.get('id')); –  johnhaley81 Mar 31 '11 at 16:00

You could also get a reference to the raw DOM node using Y.Node.getDOMNode & then call .setSelectionRange on it.

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