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I am trying to add several new functions to a package I developed for our company. One of these functions is to create a new file based on the file selected in the solution explorer and the menu option selected. I have created my dynamic menu items that are on the solution explorer and it looks like I need to use IVsSingleFileGenerator as shown in this sample.

The trouble I am having is getting the file I have selected and either reading it or passing it into a single file generator. I would rather generate the file from this context menu than from a custom tool action

Looks like this will get me the path of the file

UIHierarchy solutionExplorer = _applicationObject.ToolWindows.SolutionExplorer;

          var items = solutionExplorer.SelectedItems as Array;

          if (items == null || items.Length != 2)




          String strFile1 = String.Empty;

          UIHierarchyItem item1 = items.GetValue(0) as UIHierarchyItem;

          foreach (UIHierarchyItem hierarchyItem in items)


            ProjectItem prjItem = hierarchyItem.Object as ProjectItem;

            string prjPath = prjItem.Properties.Item("FullPath").Value.ToString();


which I can then use to pass into the generate function of the ivs single file generator.

Is this the best approach?

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I also posted this question to the msdn forums at: VSX getting the selected file and using IVsSingleFileGenerator

I ended up using the IPyIntegration sample to figure out what i needed to do.

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