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Hy Guys.

I have 2 entities: "Interactions" and "Orders", which has many "Interactions".

On View, I wanna a different class (like <tr class=@cssClass>) for the Orders which has interactions unread. So I created a ViewModel.

My ViewModel:

public class OrderViewModel
    public Order Order{get;set;}
    public bool isRead{get;set;}

My controller (I'm working with repositories):

var orders = orderRepo.All();
var viewModel = orders.Select(order=> new orderViewModel
    Order = order, '<------------'
    isRead = order.Interactions.Any(x => x.Read == true),
return View(viewModel);

If I take out the Order = order, It works fine. But with this code I'm getting this error:

QueryException was unhandled by user code. Could not instantiate: Models.OrderViewModel

InnerException: When casting from a number, the value must be a number less than infinity InnerException: Make sure the source type is convertible to the destination type.

If, instead of use the objects I use their properties, it works fine:

public int IdPedido { get; set; }
public string CategoryOrder { get; set; }
public string ModuleOrder { get; set; }

var viewModel = orders.Select( order => new OrderViewModel{

What am I missing? I'm not understanding what should be convertible. Or isn't possible to use Objects on ViewModel, only Properties?

If it's a usable information, I'm using the Nhibernate ORM.

Tks guys!


Based on @elspiko question, I realized that Order and Orders didn't have the same type. So I set orders: IEnumerable<Order> orders = pedido.Repo.All(); And now it's working.

I thought it would work before editing. Why was it considered different types?

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+1, because IsReaded – smartcaveman Mar 31 '11 at 15:02

Your code doesn't look right, it should be:

var viewModel = orders.Select(order=>new OrderViewModel
   Order = order, '<------------'

But i'm assuming thats just a typo?

It might have something to do with lazy loading, if you put a debugger on the select statement, what type does order have? Is it some form of proxy object?

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I edited the code. It really was. Tks. So, orders {Nhibernate.Linq.Query<DTOS.Entities.Orders>}. It's a form of proxy. – Thiago Mar 31 '11 at 15:29
What about order? – justcompile Mar 31 '11 at 15:46
Order's type is DTOS.Entities.Order – Thiago Mar 31 '11 at 17:11

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