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I want to use RSA keys to encrypt PDF documents. I use Adobe Livecycle ES2 for that. The documentation talks about decrypting the encrypted document with a public key. That means it is not encrypted, but signed by the author. I want to achieve that only one user can open the document, which means I have to encrypt it with the public key of that user and he has to decrypt it with his private key.

Is that possible with Adobe Livecycle ES2? Can I just use his private key, instead of my private key? Or does it make a difference to LC?

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It looks like it may be a typo in the documentation tbh. Save that one public/private mismatch it looks like it does what you want. – Bruno Rohée Mar 31 '11 at 17:08
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I assume you are referring to the statement "After the PDF document is encrypted, you need the corresponding public key to decrypt it." under the heading "Create a certificate-encrypted PDF document". As Bruno mentioned, it is a typo. It should read "corresponding private key". The certificate contains only the public key.

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Thank you very much for that answer. It totally solves my problem so far. – Arne Apr 4 '11 at 7:49

I solved the problem. Look here for an instruction how to do it.


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