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So I m just trying to test my modules, normally i would go and create a Kernel with the given module and then try to get an instance, however this scenario involves a few modules and it would be nicer if I could check that certain modules have access to certain Bindings (ie that implement and interface)

Is there any way to check if a binding for a given type is available without creating and instance of the class (ie so I don't have to make sure those dependencies are there)?

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Damn, of course as soon as I posted I found that in the Kernel, there is a GetBindings() method that does pretty much what I need.

Hope this helps to someone

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Note that this won't tell you if a type can be resolved. Missing-binding handler components can add additional as needed to satisfy requests, such as the self-binding handler. But this will tell you if a binding has been registered. Also, a binding may be conditional so even if a binding exists it may not be possible to resolve that type. –  Talljoe Apr 2 '11 at 17:03
that is exactly what i want (not know if the type can be resolved). That way I don't need to load all dependencies into this kernel. Thanks for the note tho –  roundcrisis Apr 2 '11 at 17:57

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