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I need to create a TreeView that hold synchronized data, like a DataGrid.

To clarify, take a look at this image:
DataTreeGrid Custom Control

So, I have a TreeView at left side with columns at right side.
The data will come from objects like this:

public NodeData Parent;
public List<NodeData> Children;

public String Label;

public Boolean DataA;
public Boolean DataB;
public Boolean DataC;
public Boolean DataX;
public Boolean DataY;
public Boolean DataZ;

How can I create this?

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@roviuser, that topic won't answer my question... It even address to the problem directly... But yes, it seems the same scenario... –  NemoStein Mar 31 '11 at 15:46

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Although you didn't explain nothing in your answer, the link is extremely useful. This was exactly what I need... –  NemoStein Apr 1 '11 at 21:00
Add the multiple root addition from the comment section and this is AMAZING! –  Brock Hensley Dec 11 '13 at 14:32

To me this looks like a regular DataGrid with a few Groupings set on it

So in your case you would create a DataGrid that groups on Root, Node #, Node 2nd Number, and Node 3rd Number.

Also flatten your list of NodeData so it is a single list with each item containing properties for Root, NodeLevel1, NodeLevel2, and NodeLevel3

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This is the best control I have found for presenting data like this. It does not require an interface/basclass on the viemodels and uses HierarchicalDataTemplate

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