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I want to be able to SELECT the code of a Function. When I try this Query:

select prosrc from pg_proc where proname = 'my_proc'

I get an empty column.

The thing is, it seems column prosrc does hold the function text. When I try this Query:

select proname from pg_proc where prosrc ~* 'part of Function text'

I get the correct number and names of Functions. It just doesn't display prosrc. Any idea?

PostgreSQL 8.2. pgAdmin III 1.12.2.


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I ran into this as well using pgAdmin III on PostgreSQL 9.0.3. Looks to me like this is related to the string being too long for pgAdmin III to display properly. If you execute it on the command prompt then you should be alright. A lot of database management tools run into string truncation problems.

Interestingly, if you select the prosrc cell in pgAdmin III and copy it with the keyboard, you can paste the output. This is probably some kind of strange display bug.

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Works like a charm indeed! Also - Good to know it's not a DB release issue. Thanks mate. –  bentaly Apr 6 '11 at 8:28

It's because the value of prosrc starts with a linefeed, for some reason. If you vertically resize the row in PGAdmin, you can see the full value.

Alternatively, you could cast to bytea to see LFs quoted:

select prosrc::bytea from pg_proc 

Or replace linefeeds with spaces, to get it all on one line:

select replace(prosrc, E'\012', ' ') from pg_proc
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