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I'm dynamically loading images from a different website into an asp.net ListView control like this:

      <img src='<%# string.Format("http://www.Website.com/Images/{0}", Eval("ImageName")) %>' />

Sometimes, the images don't exist and I need to change the src to a static path: src="/whatever/default.png". What is the fastest way I check if the image exists and update the src if it doesn't (any client side possibilities via jQuery)? The ListView is paged and could contain a result set of thousands of records, so I'd only like to check the images that are on the current page to optimize performance. Thanks!

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using jquery you can do it this way:

<img src="http://myimages.com/image.jpg" id="imgId" />

 // ... loaded  
 // ... not loaded
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thanks. final solution, which handles partial postbacks inside an update panel: $(document).ready(function () { LoadCheck(); var prmInstance = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance(); prmInstance.add_endRequest(function () { LoadCheck(); }); }); function LoadCheck() { $('.ThumbnailImage').load(function () { }).error(function () { $(this).attr('src', 'website.com/images/default.jpg'); }); } –  GoatBreeder Mar 31 '11 at 16:18

I would just try loading the images, and if you get an error, fall back to a default:

  $(this).attr('src', '/whatever/default.png');

EDIT: This solution might not work, so I'll supply you with an alternate one. When an image doesn't load, it theoretically has a width of 0 (assuming you didn't style the <img> tags). This code might work:

  if ($(this).width() == '0px')
    $(this).attr('src', '/whatever/default.png');
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