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What I am trying to do is that I want to read a file using python, and then with the data in the file, create a variable in c/c++(I don't want to read var from the file :) ).

Is this possible? If this is possible, then how would you do it?

Thank you guys!

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Yes. Open the first file in Python, process it and save the results to a second file.

Then open the second file in your C or C++ program and use the data.

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Thanks! This is actually seemed to be the best decision at this moment. – David Gao Apr 6 '11 at 14:44

Maybe Boost.Python can help.

You could expose a C++ function to your Python script. Something like that:

void do_sth_with_processed_data(const std::string& data)
  // …

  def("do_sth_with_processed_data", do_sth_with_processed_data);

In your Python script you now could have:

import do_sth

// … 

do_sth_with_processed_data(my_processed_data) // this calls the c++ function
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Swig can generate a Python interface to C or C++ code for you automatically. Since it wraps constructors you could read the data in Python and then pass it (with a little care) to the constructor of a C++ class for example.

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