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So I'm doing a project that generates a PDF of information that was previously filled out in a form. Along with this information, documents were attached to support the information in the form.

I generate the PDF with the normal info from my DB, but I also want to convert their uploaded files (if .doc or .docx) to PDF format and stick in the same PDF. (So it is all in one place.)

I know how to convert to PDF, problem is how do you attach those newly generated PDFs to the current one with the other information on it?

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you have 2 options:

  1. merge all PDFs into one using <cfpdf action="merge"...>

  2. really attach files in your main pdf but as CFPDF does not support it (yet?) you have to use iText:

        try {
            // Source of THE main PDF and destination file
            inputFile = ExpandPath("myDoc.pdf");
            outputFile = ExpandPath("myDocPlusAttachments.pdf");
            // the file to attach (can be of any type)
            attach1     = ExpandPath("myAttachment.doc");
            // prepare everything
            reader = createObject("java", "com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader").init( inputFile );
            outStream = createObject("java", "java.io.FileOutputStream").init( outputFile );
            stamper = createObject("java", "com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfStamper").init( reader, outStream );
            // attachment the file
            stamper.addFileAttachment("My Attached File", javacast("null", ""), attach1, "myAttachment.doc");
            // display the attachment pane when the pdf opens (Since 1.6)  
            writer = stamper.getWriter();
            writer.setPdfVersion( writer.VERSION_1_6 );   
        finally {
            // always cleanup objects
            if (IsDefined("stamper")) {
              if (IsDefined("outStream")) {

Just found where I got that piece of code: ColdFusion 9: Adding Document Level Attachments to a PDF with iText

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You need to use the CFPDF tag, and use the merge action.

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