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Shouldn't the immediate="true" of the commandLink skip validation? I'm still getting the "password is Required" message when I click that link, any ideas?

<h:inputSecret id="j_password" autocomplete="off" value="#{authenticationBean.password}" required="true" requiredMessage="Password is Required" />

<p:commandLink action="#{authentication.forgotPassword}" ajax="false">
    <h:outputText value="#{bundle['login.forgotpassword.TEXT']}" immediate="true"/>
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You've put it on the <h:outputText> instead of the <p:commandLink>. The immediate attribute has no effect on UIOutput components (and would yield a XML validation error on some environments as well), it has effect on UIInput and UICommand components only. Move the attribute to the <p:commandLink> component.

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The immediate attribute does not skip any validation. It moves the component and all its events, validators etc to the APPLY_REQUEST Phase. So that you have an opportunity to process inputs and commands before all other non-immediate inputs and commands.


If you want to skip validation with immediate, you will have to take an appropriate action in the event of the immediate action to avoid further processing of inputs and theirs events, like a FacesContext Redirect.

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