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For my project i need to do next:

  1. Install Silverlight
  2. Install XAP file
  3. Run XAP file

It takes only 3 minutes, no configuration, just click-and-install

I would like to hide all controlls (progress bar, buttons, log list). Just logo and gif loading animation. All steps to create installer was done, so now i need to know could i do such customization or not?

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Create simple NSIS installer with SILENT flag.

Use Exec to execute Silverlight and XAP installation (also in quiet mode) and filanne use ShellExecute to open a XAP file.

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I am not sure if you want to hide silverlight's buttons or your one.

Silverlight: try quiet mode: /q.

Your: that long story, we need your NSIS code first.

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