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I want my ABAP devs to be able to send me file through a function. I'm trying to find out if you can convert a file into a byte array in abap. If this is possible, does anyone have any example code?

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something like this should work:

data: w_line type xstring.
data: t_file type table of xstring.
data: w_filename type string falue 'myfile.txt'.
data: w_len type i.

open dataset w_filename for input in binary mode.

read dataset w_filename into w_line length w_len.

while w_len > 0.
    append w_line to t_file.
    read dataset w_filename into w_line length w_len.

close dataset w_filename.

* t_file now holds the data in an internal table
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There's a handful of ways to do it, but I've found using Objects is easiest.

DATA byte_array TYPE TABLE OF raw256. "any type will work here
DATA my_file    TYPE string VALUE `C:\users\bob\file.bin`. "Absolute or relative works

    filename = my_file
    filetype = 'BIN'
    data_tab = byte_array ).

This class is very robust from my experience. There are a bunch of optional parameters and return codes. SAP wrote some great documentation here.

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