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From the article at google's webmaster center and SEO's pdf, I think I should improve my website's URLs structure.

Now the news url looks like "news.php?id=127591". I need to rewrite it to something like "/news/127591/this-is-article-subject"

The problem is if I change the structure of url to the new one. Can I still keep the old one working? If both url working, how to avoid search engine like google and bing to search twice times for one article?


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HTTP 301 permanent redirect from the old URL to the new URL

an HTTP 301 redirect has the property of communicate a new (permanent) URL for an old (outdated) ressource to google (and other clients). google will transfer most/all of the allocated value from the old URL to the new URL.

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Yep.. you can use robots.txt to exclude news.php, and create an xml sitemap with the new URLs. mod_rewrite can be set to only change directories, with trailing slashes.. so all files in your root directory should work fine.

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