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I just have one parameter that can take two values. I would like to see two sets of my tests in the test runner, one for the first value, one for the second. How can I do this?

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You should look into Pex weblogs.asp.net/robertxue/archive/2008/11/10/… –  Jader Dias Mar 31 '11 at 19:34

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Can use the [DataSource] attribute too:



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Data driven tests can be useful but for a parameter that can take only two values? –  James Kyburz Apr 3 '11 at 18:51
If I can use CSV files for the inputs, it shouldn't be too bad. –  reveazure Apr 4 '11 at 18:21

MSTest is very limited, but it never really troubled me. You can do parameterized tests like this:

[TestMethod] public void SomeMethod_WithValidArgs1_Succeeds()
    Assert_ThatSomeMethodSucceeds(0, "bla");

[TestMethod] public void SomeMethod_WithValidArgs2_Succeeds()
    Assert_ThatSomeMethodSucceeds(1, "bla");

[TestMethod] public void SomeMethod_WithValidArgs3_Succeeds()
    Assert_ThatSomeMethodSucceeds(1, "funcy");

private static void Assert_ThatSomeMethodSucceeds(
    int param1, string param2)
    // Act
    SubSystem.SomeMethod(param1, param2);
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