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I want to implement a voice recognition feature in my application written in c#. System.Speech.Recognition is not suitable, because the number of languages it supports is not enough.

I have found several engines, but they aren't written in .net and I can't find any wrappers. So, which one to use: Sphinx, ISIP, Julius? Do you know any .net wrappers for them? Do you know any tutorials or articles that can help?

Thanks in advance

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Do you require a dictation grammar? What languages are missing? What versions of Windows must this run on?

I don't know all of the languages supported by System.Speech under Windows 7, but these links look helpful

If you don't need a dictation grammar, you can try Microsoft.Speech and the server recognizers. there are 26 languages supported:

See What is the difference between System.Speech.Recognition and Microsoft.Speech.Recognition? which may have some helpful background.

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