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Hi i have made a forum and i want the user to delete hes comment if he dont want it.

but now it delete the first post and not the post that he have clicked "delete" on. how can i check that its the comment he click on that gets deleted?.

i have made this:

$(function() {
    $(".slet").click( function(event) {
        var id = "<?=$deleteID?>";

and my php: it is a little messy :/

        <?php foreach ($comments as $comment): ?>

            if($comment->level == "admin")
                echo '<div class="adminclass">';

            <div id="forum_content" class="content">

            <div class="forum_comment">

        <div class="forum_profil_img"><img width="90" height="90" src="<?php echo base_url();?>images/users/thumbs/<?php echo $query->profile_picture; ?>"></div><!-- forum_profil_img -->
            <div class="forum_post_content">

<span class="post_navn"><?php echo anchor('profil/index/'.$comment->kommentar_brugernavn, $comment->kommentar_brugernavn); ?></span>
                <span style="font-size:11px; margin-left:3px; color:#686868;"><i> Siger</i></span><br>
                <div id="data"><?php echo nl2br($comment->indhold); ?></div><!-- data -->

            </div><!-- forum_post_content -->
            <div style="width:auto; float:right; color:#a0a0a0; clear:left; position:relative; bottom:-15px;" id="forum_dato">
                <abbr class="timeago" title="<?php echo $comment->dato; ?>"><?php echo $comment->dato; ?></abbr>    
                if($this->session->userdata('logget_ind') == 1 && 
                   $this->session->userdata('username') == $comment->brugernavn &&
                   time() - $comment->time < 300)
               { echo "- <a href=''>Ret</a> - <a class='slet' href=''>Slet</a>";
                 $deleteID = $comment->commentID;
                } ?>

            </div><!-- forum_post_content -->
            </div><!-- forum_comment -->

            <?php if ($comment->level == "admin") { ?> <span class="admin-ribbon"></span></div> <?php } ?>
            </div><!-- content -->

        <?php endforeach ?> 
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Change the line echo "- <a href=''>Ret</a> - <a class='slet' href=''>Slet</a>" to

echo "- <a href=''>Ret</a> - <a class='slet' id='slet-".$comment->commentID."' href=''>Slet</a>"

and the click handler to:

$(function() {      
    $(".slet").click( function(event) {          
        var id = $(this).attr("id").replace(/[^0-9]/g, "");
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hm it still delete the first comment :O –  Sjmon Mar 31 '11 at 21:43

On each page use a counter, on which you assign a unique id to each comment from as it's added. That way you can delete comments irrelevant of their order (original or ordered).

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