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I am trying to pass a custom variable and value through ajax when the form submission event starts, they have this option when you validate field on blur but when the form is submitted I don't see how to add custom variable to this.

This what they have in on blur validation jquery.validationEngine-en.js

"ajaxUserCall": {
                    "url": "ajaxValidateFieldUser",
                    // you may want to pass extra data on the ajax call
                    "extraData": "name=eric",

but there are no options for form submission.

Maybe someone can take look at script and tell me how can i add extra variable with the form?

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Separate extra Post data with the & separator. For example:


It's the same way you add extra GET data in a plain php/html form, except with ajax you pass post data the same way. Was this your question? Maybe I misunderstood.

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specifying extra string to pass is only possible when plugin check field on blur event when you submit form event there is no way to specify extra variable. I need someone who knows javascript to take look at code and understand how to do add additional variable to ajax when submitting form. and its only to validate i cannot have it in form... – Hallon Mar 31 '11 at 22:56

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