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In order to control the serialization of a List<CustomObject>, I placed that list in a class, eg.:

public class SerializableCustomObjectList : IXmlSerializable
  public List<CustomObject> CustomObjectList = new List<CustomObject>();

public class CustomObject {...}

, an instance of which is stored in the Application Settings. I have no problem with the serialization/deserialization. However, when I try to bind the public property, CustomObjectList, to a ListBox, nothing happens.

Here's my code:

<ListBox Name="CustomObjectListBox">
    <Binding Source="{x:Static p:Settings.Default}"

where SavedCustomObjects is the instance of SerializableCustomObjectList in the Properties.Settings.Default.

Current behavior is that the ListBox Items.Count remains at zero (in the debugger), even when the SavedCustomObjects.CustomObjectList is populated.

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There are a few things I can see:

  1. You should bind an ItemsControl (such as ListBox) to an ObservableCollection, not a List.
  2. You can only bind to properties, not fields (ie use a get/set).
  3. The class which is the DataContext should implement INotifyPropertyChanged, and the setter (from point 2) should raise the PropertyChanged event.
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Thanks, that got it working. –  merv Mar 31 '11 at 23:56
For reference, I found this example that thoroughly illustrates each of the three recommendations that are provided this answer: wblum.org/listbind/net3/index.html –  merv Apr 1 '11 at 1:17

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