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Is it possible to create a html element inside a Canvas, draw it and than make it, for example rotate using CSS3?

And if it is, does it follow the Canvas settings (for example, lighting of some sort)?

Just a thing that popped into mind, might make an application i'm working on a lot lighter.

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No. Any content inside canvas element is only displayed when canvas isn't supported.

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I think we can only use css3 operator in canvas and not inside canvas, in some element like img or div: I think it's possible Look at:

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Here is a link for a great Blender 2.6 output plugin that exports a CSS3 HTML page for viewing in your browser. I'm looking to also utilize Jmpress for presentation.

I'm using the Blender script now and it works very well (no crashing or freezing). The HTML produced displays fine, now I'm connecting Jmpress to get a final product.

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Is this really answering the question? – Austin Henley Sep 25 '12 at 2:24

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