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I need to some help on deciding how to do this. We have to generate thousands of pdf forms dynamically.This how the process I’m thinking:

*Using third party tool (like Style Vision or VisualXSL) import PDF blueprint and XML with some dummy data and then generate XSL files. (This will be manual design time process)

*At run time generate XML file with actual data. These XML will have the same schema that is used at design time.

*At run time rule engine will decide which schema and XSL to use based on some criteria. I send these XSL and generated XML to rendering engine to generate PDF. So for each PDF there will be one XSL already exists on file server and one XML with actual data created at run time.

Questions: What would be the best option to generate XML at runtime:

1>Generate XML using Stored Procedures. So there will one Stored Procedure for each PDF

2>We are using Entity Framework. So generate XML using Linq queries.

3>Is there any other option than above two? Something like dynamic XML generation using Schemas we have.?

4>The PDFs we generate can have check boxes, which will be checked/unchecked based on XML data. I think XSL can handle this at the time of transformation. But there are lots of forms which have conditional check boxes like “if this check box is selected add that supported PDF document.” Is it possible to make that decision programmatically or should I let the user preview the greeted PDF file and let him choose the supported PDF document manually?

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@user686732: Do you want us to design your application logic? – user357812 Apr 1 '11 at 1:23
no i dont want you to design it, i just wanted an idea if the approach im taking is right or is there any other design pattern already available? – user686732 Apr 1 '11 at 13:37
Your app should add the support PDF files automatically. It's not that hard. Most PDF APIs support doing so. – Mark Storer Apr 1 '11 at 20:21

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