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How to use scatter with markers and colors as gscatter, Is it the only way using gscatter?

GSCATTER(X,Y,G,CLR,SYM,SIZ) specifies the colors, markers, and size to use.

If this is not possible, How could you write scatter to seem similar to gscatter?

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You can use different markings and colors in scatter too. For a simple syntax, you can do the following:

scatter(x,y,'bo')%# blue color, 'o' as markings
scatter(x,y,'rx')%# red color, 'x' as markings

similarly, substitute b,r,g,k,w,y,c,m for blue, red, green, black, white, yellow, cyan and magenta colors and o,x,*,.,d for circles, crosses, stars, dots and diamonds as markings.

You can also use the longer form as scatter(x,y,'property1','value1','property2'...) to define the colors, markings, marking sizes, etc.

To plot multiple groups using scatter, you can use hold on and plot different scatter plots on top of each other.

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