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If a proxy server requires authorization it returns an HTTP 407 ("Proxy Authentication Required") status code.

However, what happens if a proxy server is provided authorization which is invalid? Does it return another HTTP 407 or an HTTP 401 ("Unauthorized") or ...? (A use-case might be where System.Net.WebClient from .NET uses the "default proxy credentials" which happen to be invalid.)

I wouldn't mind some "steps to try it out myself", but my HTTP-foo is weak and I have no such proxy server myself (so it's more of a hypothetical question for me at this point). I have skimmed through RFC 2616 (including "14.34 Proxy-Authorization") but I was not able to glean anything -- very possibly an oversight on my part -- and references to the applicable sections describing the behavior are also very much appreciated.

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Per RFC 2617:

If a proxy does not accept the credentials sent with a request, it SHOULD return a 407 (Proxy Authentication Required).

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Awesome. +1 and a pink pony for you! – user166390 Apr 1 '11 at 3:32

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