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I'm working with a non-profit who has been given a grant by Google that removed the 2.9% fee that Google Checkout applies to each charge that uses the service.

Because of this we are looking to it as a primary candidate for an upgrade of our donations system, the chief new feature of which is to allow for recurring donations.

I've been reading all the documentation I can find on the topic, but have found precious little about how to work with recurring payments.

Before I spend too much more time on it, I'm wondering if anyone can offer their experience with it.

Thanks a bunch.

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There is a beta service (Google Checkout Subscriptions) that handles recurring payments:

For additional info and questions/feedback from developers implementing the Checkout Subscriptions see the "Checkout Betas" developer forum:

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Do you have any experience with it? – evanmcd Jun 13 '11 at 21:16

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