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is there any term call Virtual Constructor in Java?then where we need to use this?

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also asked and answered here… – David O'Meara Apr 1 '11 at 5:19
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I'm not sure what you mean by "virtual constructor." Constructors are called recursively up the class hierarchy. Every constructor must call its super-class constructor as the first thing. (The call can be omitted if it is to the no-arg constructor, in which case the compiler will automatically insert it.)

As an aside, Java doesn't have virtual methods. Or, more precisely, every instance method is virtual (in the C++ sense).

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Virtual Constructors are not a part of the Java language, but the term might be applied to some design patterns

For example, calling object.clone() on an object that supports it will produce a new object (much like new ClassName(object) if you have a copy constructor) and thus resembles a constructor, but is polymorphic. In "Effective Java" Joshua Bloch advocates the use of Static Factory methods as another way of achieving polymorphic object creation in certain circumstances.

For the use of the term in the C++ context look at:

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What do you mean by virtual constructors? If it is like virtual function in C++ there is no virtual constructor in java.

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Not that I'm aware off. "Default Constructor " yes. Delphi has virtual constructors, most other languages does not. See the Factory pattern for something related.

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