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yum install libevent-devel

How to make it also install debug symbols??

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There's a helper script debuginfo-install that will find the appropriate packages, but you still need to feed it the (base) package name(s).

Note: dnf (which replaced yum) has the same helper script (in dnf-plugins-core); and gdb on recent Fedoras (at least) will enumerate the entire listing when it's loaded for you.

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If you refer to the knotify giving you a message that you do not have debug symbols, then all you need to do is install the appropriate app-debuginfo package.

I typically use yumex, but you can do it oldschool as follows:

yum search app
yum install app-debuginfo

You might also have to manually search the stack trace for any lines that have (??)

#6  0xb7975bdc in ?? () from /usr/lib/

and then manually find and install the debuginfo packages

yum provides "/usr/lib/"
yum install found-debuginfo

Hope that helps!

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