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Django web "projects" are (ideally) composed of several (quasi-)independent "applications"?

Where are the best places to find high-quality Django apps?

At the moment, I know of:

  1. the Pinax collection of apps
  2. the Django Plugables list

Are there other good resources?

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Check out this list of Django resources

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I really like http://www.djangopackages.com

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The Django Community page is worthwhile to watch for new apps:


And not strictly apps, but a worthwhile site to also bookmark:


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Finding production quality, maintained django apps is really difficult...

Perhaps I should say: finding poor quality, forgotten, bug-ridden apps is too easy.

I find just reading an app's Google Code page gives a decent indicator. If it's well documented and there are recent commits, chances are there is somebody behind it that cares enough to put some effort in. (There are exceptions to this rule in both directions - some amazing apps have poor about pages and some really quite dire apps have quite informative help.)

To finally answer you question, though, I'd suggest crowd-sourcing the discovery of new apps. Get in IRC and on the mailing lists, ask people what they're using to do what you want.

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DjangoApps.org has a couple more links you might try.

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This is down... downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.djangoapps.org –  Private May 29 '13 at 8:30

Just searching on Google Code and (increasingly) GitHub for the word "django" will find you lots of apps. Quality varies :-)

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I can't add any resources to what has already been mentioned but here's a few tips to make searching easier.

On Google code, go to the hosting search page and type


into the search box. This will limit the search results to projects with a Django tag. If there are Django projects without this tag they probably aren't worth looking at anyway.

When you are looking at a project hosted on Google code check the Issues tab for any long outstanding issues. Users post bogus or poorly written bug reports of course, but an active project will still handle them. Also check the "Changes" link under the Source tab to see project activity. A lack of activity isn't necessarily a bad thing, but lots of recent activity can be a good thing.

Same thing goes for GitHub. Go to the advanced search page and search "Repositories" for "django". Look at the Commits tab for recent activity, the issue tracker if they use it, and also see if there are a lot of forks. It's probably not good if you see forks with names like "attempt to upgrade to Django 1.0".

For bitbucket it is not obvious where to find search. You have to go to the repository list page to search for django projects.

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