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I want to have a combo box and set an initial value for it. But I still want the user to be able to click to see a dropdown list of options that are different from the initial value.

An example of what I have in mind is the public transportation direction of Google Maps. You can see that in the rightmost combo box, the initial value is set at the current time. But the user can still click on the arrow and see a dropdown list of values that are different from the initial value.

I've looked at FlexBox but whenever I set an initial value, only that initial value is present in the dropdown list. You can see that in this demo #7.

Is there any way to configure FlexBox to do what I need? Or is there another combo box I can use? What does Google use for their Google Maps combo box?


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try with select box and set default value as selected option.. isn't a good and easy idea?? – diEcho Apr 1 '11 at 5:36
Are you talking about HTML Select? As stated in the question, I need a combo box. That is because I need to give the user the option to just type in free text in addition to selecting from a drop down list. – Continuation Apr 1 '11 at 5:39
what means by combo box?? read this – diEcho Apr 1 '11 at 5:42
@diEcho -- by combo box, I mean a single input box where the user can either type in text, or select from a drop down list. For example please see the FlexBox or the Google Maps links I included in my question. – Continuation Apr 1 '11 at 5:50

I use msdropdown and although i never used giva labs it seems like a good option. Hope it helps

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Are you searching for an autocompleter? This flavor of the jQuery autocompleter seems to be what you're searching for.


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Flexbox does not support this natively, although modification is pretty easy.

The issue is that the initialValue setting also overrides the display.

The following instructions are for version, non-min version of flexBox:

Line 63:
        if (o.initialValueNoDisplay != '') $hdn.val(o.initialValueNoDisplay);

Line 832 (833):
        initialValueNoDisplay: '',
        initialValue: '',

Just set the value as the initialValueNoDisplay rather than the initialValue. I tested with MVC3/Razor, seems to work fine.

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