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This is not really important, but it was bothering me for a little while.

Problem description:
Given: a line (Line2D)
Wanted: drawing the line as a wedge (Filled GeneralPath)

Surely this can be done by creating the wedge as General Path and then filling it by the Graphics (my solution).

My first approach would have been a wedge-stroked line, because I didn't want to change the line object for some reason, also I just wanted to draw the line object and not think about it any more. Creating the wedge-stroke was no problem (Some calculations and then creating the General Path) - but I was not able to fill it (easily)

Apparently it seems the fill of Graphics2D only fills the shape it gets - and does not handle the filling of the stroke (that behavior makes sense if one thinks about it).

Question: Is there any way to fill a shape of a Stroke (filling a shape - more specifically: a GeneralPath - somehow before drawing it)?

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May be BasicStroke.public Shape createStrokedShape(Shape s) can help if you pass the Line2D there?

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Once you use createStrokedShape(), note that draw() "strokes the outline of a Shape," while fill() "fills the interior of a Shape."

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