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I am trying to pull from my heroku remote, I get this message:

>git pull heroku
You asked to pull from the remote 'heroku', but did not specify
a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote

My local branch is 'develop'.

How do I pull from Heroku to my local branch 'develop' ?


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Updated answer: You need to specify what branch you want to pull from, since your local branch is not configured to pull from heroku's master.

So try something like:

git pull heroku master

Remember that you have to have checked out develop in order for this command to pull to the local branch develop.

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well my remote is called heroku. Remember I want my local branch you know....not the remote branch. when i do git pull heroku develop, I get a fatal error because there is no remote branch called develop. What I want to do is to pull from the remote master branch at the remote called heroku, to my local branch develop. –  marcamillion Apr 1 '11 at 6:02
As the answer notes, master is the remote branch. –  RobW Oct 6 '13 at 2:12

Note: if you want to push/pull by default to heroku/master from your develop branch, you can configure it with:

git branch --set-upstream develop heroku/master

You can check your merge policy on the develop branch with a:

git config branch.develop.merge
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When you pull you have to specify which remote branch you want to pull from. It doesn't make any sense to pull from just "heroku" because it may have multiple branches and Git doesn't know which one you want.

If there is only one branch on your remote then it's probably called "master". Try:

git checkout develop
git pull heroku master

This puts you into your local "develop" branch then pulls the "master" branch from the repository called "heroku".

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