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I want to protect the user's document downloaded via my app. - If I store the files in Document folder of iOS, iTunes will read them, right? - If I store the files in Library or a subdirectory of it, files will be cleaned when the app is upgraded? - The NSFileManager has a NSFileProtectionKey property. But I'm not sure what exactly it can do to protect the files? Does it can prevent other app from reading the user's files?

Overall, I want the files only can be read in my application, other than iTunes or other jailbreak app.

Thanks alot.

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Every app is in a SandBox. It means other apps can't access your app files, even from low-level functions.

So they are quite secure.

You can actually see this with this little app, available from the AppStore:


Apps are located in /var/mobile

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Thanks Macmade. But how about if a person use a jailbreak app to browse the files? How can I encrypt a file, maybe a large file like a video? Can CCCryt encrypt a large file? How about the performence? Thanks again. –  iphoner Apr 2 '11 at 2:48
You may be interested in that subject: stackoverflow.com/questions/5182165/… –  Macmade Apr 2 '11 at 5:39

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