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How long does it usually take for bug fixes in the Webkit nightly build to hit Chrome/Safari updates?

This is one I have been looking forward to:



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Expect new webkit features to be 2 generations behind in chrome:

  • webkit development
  • chromium chrome
  • beta
  • standard chrome

This cycle can be quite long but usually a new version of chrome gets released 1 month after the previous one. I would count at least 2 versions for a bug to be fixed, so 2 months :)

As for safari, they only update the browser twice to 3 times a year and not in a constant way. Also the updates don't necessarily include a new webkit build but often only security fixes. So you can't really rely on safari for your bug to get fixed but safari 6 coming out this summer with Mac osx lion (probably) will have a pretty new webkit engine. So wait for this summer.

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thanks for the info! –  fancy Apr 1 '11 at 9:32

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