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i am playing with git on mac and i did commit the first time and couldnt figure out how to save my commit so i closed the console then re-opened console and went back to commit again i did git status and i see myself logged in twice. and it says to press enter to continue and when i do i keep going back to the commit page to enter my comments im kind of in a loop and cant get out.

this is what i see

 0:32  up  1:47, 2 users, load averages: 0.20 0.24 0.26
USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@  IDLE WHAT
sarmenhb console  -                Thu22    1:46 -
sarmenhb s000     -                 0:18       - w

here is the commit page. enter image description here

i see this when i do :w (to save) it says for me to type :!w to override and when i do that i see myself logged in twice. what do i do? i am really stuck


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Try just quitting without saving (:q!), and then git commit again – itsadok Apr 1 '11 at 7:52

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Do what your editor tells you: type :w! and override the existing commit message. Then, your commit will work.

I don't know that much about mac stuff, but I'm sure that git status doesn't give the output that you posted. You are logged in on two different TTYs and on the console TTY, your commit dialog is still open. Therefore, Vim refuses to write the commit message because it's still open in your console session.

Also, you don't log in to git. You are logged in on two TTYs.

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