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I know QML is fine for making interfaces in Qt but, how about the layouts of these interfaces? I want to make an application looking like similar to, for example, spotify. But I want layouts to be "movable" and completely customizable by the user. Is it difficult to make that through QML? Should I better use the usual Qt layout stuff (gridlayout, graphicwidgets, graphic items...) ?

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Layout of QML elements works by using anchors attached to other QML elements. You can change anchors at runtime by using Javascript. Building a flexible GUI with QML is possible but challenging because the documentation is sparse in some areas, and debugging is difficult.

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My last point has changed since my post, because if you use QtCreator you can debug qml now. – hmuelner Jun 21 '12 at 10:20

Qt Quick Layouts were added in Qt 5.1. They work similarly to layouts in standard widget-based Qt and are usable in Qt Creator.

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