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I am a newbie to Thrust. I see that all Thrust presentations and examples only show host code.

I would like to know if I can pass a device_vector to my own kernel? How? If yes, what are the operations permitted on it inside kernel/device code?

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Thrust is purely a host side abstraction. It cannot be used inside kernels. You can pass the device memory encapsulated inside a thrust::device_vector to your own kernel like this:

thrust::device_vector< Foo > fooVector;
// Do something thrust-y with fooVector

Foo* fooArray = thrust::raw_pointer_cast( &fooVector[0] );

// Pass raw array and its size to kernel
someKernelCall<<< x, y >>>( fooArray, fooVector.size() );

and you can also use device memory not allocated by thrust within thrust algorithms by instantiating a thrust::device_ptr with the bare cuda device memory pointer.

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@ talonmies So it is not possible to populate vector containers on the GPU right now? –  Manolete Sep 19 '12 at 13:28
it is possible. in talonmies example, someKernelCall can modify the fooArray. Notice that fooArray corresponds to the data contained in fooVector. –  solvingPuzzles Nov 24 '12 at 8:18
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If you mean to use the data allocated / processed by thrust yes you can, just get the raw pointer of the allocated data.

int * raw_ptr = thrust::raw_pointer_cast(dev_ptr);

if you want to allocate thrust vectors in the kernel I never tried but I don't think will work and also if it works I don't think it will provide any benefit.

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FabrizioM: I was hoping I could pass a device_vector to my kernel and call size() on it inside the kernel. Looks like this is not possible currently. I will use the raw_pointer_cast and send the size as a separate parameter to the kernel then. –  Ashwin Apr 1 '11 at 14:38
Ashwin: That's right. What's you're trying to do isn't possible. You need to pass size separately. –  Ade Miller Apr 1 '11 at 14:51
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