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I try to get a car instance from database,

theCar = Car.where(:name => 'TOYOTA')
puts theCar.user_name

I got the error message: undefined method `user_name' for ActiveRecord::Relation:0xb6837b54

Why I got ActiveRecord::Relation object, not Car object?? What could be the cause? By the way, I query the car inside my migration file. I am using Rails 3.

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Please note that Ruby is not a camelCase language. Use the_car, not theCar. –  Simone Carletti Apr 1 '11 at 9:00

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You get it because you are using Lazy Loading. Nothing is loaded before you will call certain object or objects.

As a matter of fact your query will return an Array of objects: ALL cars with a name TOYOTA. If you know that there is only one CAR with this name you can do this:

theCar = Car.where(:name => 'TOYOTA').first
# or
theCar = Car.first(:name => 'TOYOTA')
# or
theCar = Car.find_by_name('TOYOTA')

And if there is many Cars with name TOYOTA:

theCars = Car.where( :name => "TOYOTA" ).all
#=> ["Jhon", "Paul" ...]
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