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I am trying to play audio file in iPhone,but it is not playing properly and throw error "The operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error -43.) in iphone" and app crash. But this mp3 file is playing in Simulator.

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File name's in simulator is case insensitive whereas file names on device is case sensitive. Check your mp3 file name is correct.

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Try with below on your Mac OS terminal,you will get the reason for the error.

$ macerror -43


Mac OS error -43 (fnfErr): File not found

Check the file at your given path ....

Here is the good tutorial to know more abt the OSErr & OSStatus errors.

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AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID doesn't work with MP3 files on the device. If you use that method, try converting it to WAV and let me know if it worked! If not, explain a bit what code you use to play the sound.

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When a file works in the simulator and not the device it could be the string case of your file name. iphone devices is case sensitive for file names.

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