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I have been looking through several topics here, studied snake and lunar launcher but I am still at a loss how to get a sound start for my project. (Project is: porting an existing javascript/xml game to android/Java.)
All examples I found so far are either TOO far going -for me- or just some code lines that you are supposed to integrate and define all by yourself (constructors etc.).

My problem is: I have a working "app logic" but only "theoretic" Java knowledge (learning!).

What I need is: A few code lines (class?) defining a custom view ("customGame") with say three bitmaps ("tile1.png" .. "tile3.png") placed on a canvas with X/Y values defined.
...and: I'd be happy if someone also would mention a simple way/method to identify the bitmap touched/clicked.

I feel confident/hopeful to find my way onwards from this first step ... I am still striving to learn about Java peculiarities; therefore I am not able (yet) to fix minor faults in code that most of you might laugh at!
PLEASE: only post code that won't depend on my recognizing obvious omissions whatsoever.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH   to anybody who will spend his time to grant me such a big favor !!!

Clemens (graphic artist from Germany)

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As nobody found an answer for my question AND I found one at another forum, I will post my finding here as an "answer" myself - so people will not be misled by a "0 answers" flag in front of this thread.

There is a 2-D-tutorial at anddev.org by Mr.snowflake that met my needs - although I would have preferred one with no separate thread...

2-D-tutorial (gameTemplate)

See you, Clemens

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