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I am changing the Height of a Panel.

I get an unwanted change in Width.

The events generated are as follows:-

FormPanel::Layout Height set - {X=0,Y=0}{Width=302, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnSizeChanged:{X=0,Y=0}{Width=302, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnLocationChanged:{X=0,Y=-22}{Width=302, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnMove:{X=0,Y=-22}{Width=302, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnSizeChanged:{X=0,Y=-22}{Width=285, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnSizeChanged:{X=0,Y=-22}{Width=268, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnLocationChanged:{X=0,Y=0}{Width=268, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnMove:{X=0,Y=0}{Width=268, Height=195}
*** FormPanel - OnSizeChanged:{X=0,Y=0}{Width=285, Height=195}

This effect does not occur when the size is decreased, only when increased.

I'm losing 17 pixels in width every time I increase the height of my panel.

I want to avoid this feature, but am currently at a loss as to how to achieve this.

Ah, this happens when the Form has AutoSize = false!!!!!

There's just the one expected event when AutoSize = true.

This can't be right, is it a bug?

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I suspect there is some other kind of "auto" layout adjustment going on. What other properties do you have set? Anchoring, Docking, something like that? How are you changing the height? Through code or by dragging the window? –  msergeant Apr 1 '11 at 13:12
I set the height in code. The control is anchored Left, Right and Top. –  bobinski Apr 9 '11 at 20:26

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