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I want to make a singleton containing information "title, comments, Two picture" and it saves all the information in an array I want to do is these objects in my application I use it All The Time

@interface CarteManager : NSObject {

NSMutableArray *carteMan ; 


@property(nonatomic,retain) NSMutableArray *carteMan; 



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And what is your problem? –  GorillaPatch Apr 1 '11 at 10:11

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In order to create a Singleton you will need a static instance.

@implementation CarteManager

static CarteManager *_carteManager = nil;

+(CarteManager*)sharedInstance {
   if (!_carteManager) {
        _carteManager = [[CarteManager alloc] init];

    return _carteManager;

// your other codes


And before creating a Singleton, make sure that you really need a Singleton. Please pay special attention to Singleton: How should it be used.

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check with this link. It may help you in using singleton class


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it realy helped me creating singleton class –  user687522 Apr 3 '11 at 3:21

You didn't state your problem. If it's how to make the object a singleton, you can find several possible implementations in the question What does your Objective-C singleton look like?.

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