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Anyone know of an opensource Barcode reader for Delphi, that reads barcodes from a webcam?

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You need a webcam with a good resolution for reading barcodes. If you know how to call C/C++ code from delphi, you should look into the zebra barcode reader.

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  1. Barcodes recognition: J4L
  2. Barcodes generation: TurboPower SysTools
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I use dtk barcode sdk from http://www.dtksoft.com/. It is neither free nor open source though so it may not fit your needs. It comes as a dll and it was easy to write a delphi wrapper around it.

Basically, you pass it a file (image or pdf) and it returns the number and contents of the barcodes in the file.

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Here's one that's a DLL/ActiveX(albeit not free) that apparently comes with an example that reads from a webcam. There's also a free command line version but it's not quite as feature rich. Haven't used it, but it's been on my radar for a while.



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its is possible, barcodepedia have flash reader that reads barcodes from a webcam.

but looking at the site it looks like they are not into giving away the reader.

something that keeps coming up in google is Eym Barcode Reader which is an ActiveX/OCX

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I found that, you can embed it in your own website, its in flash though. He seems to be givign the source of the flash app though. – Toby Allen Feb 16 '09 at 0:13

You can choose from many Java BarcodeReader libraries and use it with JIntend object.

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