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Does anyone know the tutorial of a particle engine in cocos2d?

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In your ".h" file:

 CCParticleSun *sun;

In your ".m" file:

-(id) init
    if( (self=[super init] )) 
    sun = [[CCParticleSun alloc] initWithTotalParticles:180];
    sun.texture = [[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] addImage:@"yourparticle.png"];
    sun.autoRemoveOnFinish = YES;
    sun.speed = 30.0f;
    sun.duration = 0.5f;
    sun.position = ccp(240, 160);
    sun.startSize = 5;
    sun.endSize = 50;
    sun.life = 0.6;
    [self addChild:sun];

This will create a nice little explosion effect. You have to use a particle image: Particle I Created

Here is the image:


There are many different types of particles: Particles Documentation That You Should Have Read Before Asking On This Website!

Seriously though, you should use Google and the documentation. Don't be lazy.

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I seem to have deleted the image, if anyone needs it just ask :) –  allthewayapps Dec 13 '11 at 2:05

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