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I want to know whether it is possible to detect all other windows open and their URL's in a browser using javascript. Cant it be done using DOM.

Thanks in Advance

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This wouldn't be quite secure : it would allow any website to know which other websites a user is visiting at a given instant.

That would be considered as a violation of privacy!

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Yeah - can't be done for security reasons. – edeverett Apr 1 '11 at 11:15

Think about it, wouldnt it be a HUGE security issue? Like, I open my GMail and type my password. While another bad, very bad page has got a javascript code, which does a document.getElement* from my GMail tab/window and pushes it to a database or something?

This is something of a very big security issue, also privacy issues are associated with this (as has been pointed out in another answer).

Simple answer for you: NO :-)

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