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I am using CakePHP to create a simple blog for myself. I want to have a rating system attached to each post.

I have loaded the ratings which look like this:


$this->set('ratings', $this->Ratings->find('all'));

I want to generate radio buttons on the view with the ratings. The ratings have the fields value and label. I could use a foreach and loop around the ratings but I am wondering if the radio button helper in the form class can take a model object and generate the radio buttons?

I hope you understand what I mean.



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You can pass an options attribute to the form helper.

<?=$this->Form->input('rating', array('type' => 'radio', 'options' => range(1, 10)))?>
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Gotcha cheers. Was passing the options and html attributes in the wrong order. Thanks again. –  RailsSon Apr 1 '11 at 13:03
$options = array(
    '0' => 'Male',
    '1' => 'FeMale'

$attributes = array(
    'legend' => false,
    'value' => 0

echo $this->Form->radio('type', $options, $attributes);
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