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I want to validate dynamic textbox using jquery.Textbox value should contain alphanumeric value and it should allow special characters Underscore(_).In my scenario i have two textbox such as eg.. Name and PhoneNumber in a row.it should be created dynamically based on user requirement.I should validate each field separately to find empty field.


if (_name == null || _name == '' || _name == undefined) {
                $("#lblNameError" + i).html('Please enter the  Name');
                isError = true;
            if (_phone== null || _phone== '' || _phone== undefined) {
                $("#lblphoneError" + i).html('Please entered the phone');
                isError = true;
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Please accept some of the answers to your previous questions. –  Oren Apr 1 '11 at 12:16

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I got the regular expression answer from THIS question!

Consider The Following JavaScript:

function isValid(someStringValue) {
    var regEx = /([a-zA-Z0-9_])/g;

       return true;
       return false;

If no match is found...the value is invalid.

Also...you will get more co-operation from folks if you start marking the correct answers to your questions as "ACCEPTED". Getting answers accepted is the entire reason people are answering questions on this site.

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