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Is there a way to implement

FROM pattern p
  JOIN tag t ON t.tag LIKE CONCAT(p.pattern, '%') AND t.type = p.type

in terms of erlang qlc on top of two ets:

  1. [{{Pattern, Type}, Id}]
  2. [{{Tag, Type}, Id}]


I. e. inequality pattern meaning Tag begins with Pattern and Type = Type.

Thanks in advance.

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Pretty simple:

1> ets:new(a,[named_table]),[ets:insert(a,X) || X<-[{{"foo", bar},12},{{"baz", quux},11}]].
2> ets:new(b,[named_table]),[ets:insert(b,X) || X<-[{{"foobar", bar},12},{{"bazquux", quux},11},{{"fooxxx", bar},1},{{"bazbaz", baz},11}]].
3> qlc:e(qlc:q([{Pattern, Type1, Tag, Id1, Id2} || {{Pattern, Type1}, Id1} <- ets:table(a), {{Tag, Type2}, Id2} <- ets:table(b), Type1 =:= Type2, lists:prefix(Pattern, Tag)])).
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Amazing. Thank you! –  trytrytry Apr 1 '11 at 20:23
Please accept the answer if it solved your problem. –  Adam Lindberg Apr 4 '11 at 8:02

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