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Okay we have a single - sign - on and the user will likely enter to reach our site. We then define a welcome site, use a phaselistener to check:

is user trying to access the welcome site? yes -> try to login - works? yes -> get user roles -> forward to the appropriate site for this specific user.

E.g. user niceBelly goes to page /somewhere/in/many/folders/beer.jsf and user barbie goes to /breasts/pink.jsf a redirect is in this application not possible for some reasons.

the result is that when reaching e.g. page pink.jsf the address bar still shows clicking the first link will result in the browser using the form address as new URL e.g. on welcome.jsf i navigate to coolstuff.jsf. On the page coolstuff i now have the url of the last form, e.g. welcome.jsf. Then on cool stuff i click a link, and get coolstuff on the next page as url, and so on.

Is there a way to solve this / work around it?

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Given the symptoms, you are actually not redirecting the requests, but you are actually forwarding the requests. A real redirect will take place when you call


in JSF context, or when you add

<redirect />

to the navigation case. All other ways are effectively forwards. As per the symptoms, you're using commandlinks instead of outputlinks to navigate to other page. Commandlinks will submit a POST request to current URL and JSF will under the covers use RequestDispatcher to set the destination of the request/response when the navigation case doesn't contain <redirect />. A forward does not instruct the browser to fire a new GET request on the destination URL and hence the URL in browser address bar does not change. A real redirect will do exactly that.

See also:

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you are correct... I wrote redirect and meant forward. The reason I forwarded was because - first of all - it doesn't work with redirect :-) But let's assume I somehow manage to get that business rolling, is there a way to translate the navigation-case outcome to the actual correct page redirect? The problem isn't a "if login then welcome" it's more of a "if login somelogic -> outcome" – Toskan Apr 1 '11 at 14:28
Add <redirect/> to navigation case in faces-config.xml and do not use commandlinks (POST) for plain page-to-page navigation, just use outputlinks (GET). If you need to do some business stuff/preloading on a GET request, just do the job in constructor or postconstruct of the managed bean. This is all much easier when you're on JSF 2.0. It supports for example a <h:link> which translates an outcome to a real URL. – BalusC Apr 1 '11 at 14:31

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