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I use this code in my project which is independent from other project.

float trg1 = 2.3f;
String.format("%.2f",tgr1).replace(",", ".");

When I insert this in other project which is depends from other project I get error like this:

method format(String, Object []) not applicable for argument format(String, float)

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I didn't realise that '.' can turn into a ',' in a format string. –  Peter Lawrey Apr 1 '11 at 14:31

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Have you somehow tried to use a pre-1.5 compiler, while still targeting JRE 1.5 or higher? That's all I can think of... this should work absolutely fine (once you've got the variable names right, of course).

Are you able to use other Java 5 features (e.g. generics) in the failing project?

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I was forget to set JRE on other project to higher version. –  Gogoo Apr 1 '11 at 14:26

It sounds like you're on a different compiler version. That code compiles properly with the 1.6 compiler. It doesn't do anything, but it definitely compiles and runs.

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It looks like autoboxing isn't kicking in where you might expect it to. I would be almost certain you can force it to work if you change the first line to:

Float trg1 = 2.3f; // Notice uppercase Float

What version of Java are you using, by the way? Java 5 should autobox the float into a Float in order to pass it to the varargs method call. If my suggested fix doesn't compile either, then you're definitely dealing with a pre-1.5 compiler that doesn't understand autoboxing.

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