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I am creating a one page website where links can scroll the page down to an element specified in the hash part of the url. In Firefox & Chrome it works fine, yet when trying it in IE the scroll event doesn't seem to be triggered on page load.

This is the code that checks the hash and scrolls to a specific part of the document, this happens in $(document).ready()

if(location.hash != '' && location.hash != '#!/home') {     
    var obj_id = location.hash.substr(3, location.hash.length);

    $('html, body').scrollTop($('#'  + obj_id).offset().top - 80);

I've tried forcing it to trigger the scroll by adding $(window).scroll() at the end of that code, but that just seems to reset the scroll to 0.



Sorry, I don't think I was making myself clear, but this bit of code technically works fine, but I have a $(window).scroll(function() { ... }); event handler further on in my script which, when scrolled past a certain point, attaches my header to the top of the page.

Here is that code:

var obj = $('#header-background');
var obj_height = $('#header-background').outerHeight(true);
obj.wrap('<div style="width: ' + obj.outerWidth(true) + 'px; height: ' + obj_height + 'px; display: block">');

var top = obj.offset().top - parseFloat(obj.css('marginTop').replace(/auto/,0)) + 20;

$(window).scroll(function() {
    var y = $(this).scrollTop();

    if(y - (obj_height - 80) >= top) {
            'height': '80px'
    } else {
            'height': '245px'
        }, 'fast');
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location.hash != '#!/home' can you double check this bit of ur code why is there a ! after #? also use try{$('html,body').[....]}catch(e){alert(e)} should tell you where the problem is, or whats wrong with it. also use position().top instead of offset().top –  Val Apr 1 '11 at 14:29
The #!/ is intentional, it's how I want the URLs to look. I'll have a go at catching an exception. Thanks. –  Josh Apr 1 '11 at 14:39

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Have you put some debugging in to see where it is breaking? My tactic on something like this is to first identify how far it is getting with something like:

if(location.hash != '' && location.hash != '#!/home') {
    console.log("setting scroll top");
    var obj_id = location.hash.substr(3, location.hash.length);
    console.log("object: %o", obj_id);
    console.log("scrolling to: %s", $('#'  + obj_id).offset().top - 80);
    $('html, body').scrollTop($('#'  + obj_id).offset().top - 80);

That will help you validate that you're getting something useful from the hash and whatnot. I'm wondering if you're not getting a valid value from $('#' + obj_id).offset().top

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Hi, I've edited my question as I don't think I was making myself clear on the actual problem. Thanks for the help though. –  Josh Apr 1 '11 at 14:44

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